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SECTION 500.060:     FEES

A.     Before any permit is issued, the applicant shall pay the following fees for each permit for the purpose to defray the expense of inspection, investigation, recording, materials and supplies required to conduct this operation:

     1.     Building permit.

          a.     Forty cents ($0.40) for each square foot of total space excluding unfinished basements.

          b.     Accessory buildings, tenant finish, remodel and commercial/industrial (over 10,000 square feet) shall be twenty cents ($.20) for each square foot of total space.

          c.     The minimum fee shall be thirty dollars ($30.00).

     2.     Plumbing permit.

          a.     The fee shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) for up to and including ten (10) traps plus two dollars ($2.00) per each additional trap thereafter.

          b.     The minimum fee shall be thirty dollars ($30.00).

     3.     Mechanical permit.  (The fee shall be as follows for each permit.)

          a.     Heating and A/C unit                    $30.00

          b.     Individual heating unit                    $30.00 each unit

          c.     Individual A/C unit                    $30.00 each unit

          d.     The minimum fee shall be thirty dollars ($30.00).

     4.     Electrical permit.  (The fee shall be as follows for each main panel box and each sub panel box.)

          a.     200 amp or less                         $30.00 each box

          b.     400 amp                              $40.00 each box

          c.     800 amp                              $50.00 each box

          d.     Over 800 amp                         $70.00 each box

          e.     Repairs, maintenance,
rewire or electrical
service changes up to 200 amp               $30.00

     5.     Demolition permit.

          a.     Thirty dollars ($30.00).

     6.     Miscellaneous permits, i.e., decks and pools.

          a.     Thirty dollars ($30.00).

B.     Inspection Review Fee Established.  There is hereby established an inspection review fee.  Such fee shall be paid to the City by an applicant for construction prior to the beginning of any construction which requires professional engineering.  The fee shall be equal to one percent (1%) of the total estimated cost of the construction as provided by the applicant's professional engineer.  The fee shall be used to partially defray the cost to the City of its engineering and related costs to review said plans and inspect construction.  (Ord. No. 841-00 Art. 1.15 §5, 11-20-00; Ord. No. 844-01 §1, 1-15-01; Ord. No. 936-03 §§1--2, 4-7-03)

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