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Door-to-door Sales Rules

Door-to-door sales are not illegal if they are selling a legitimate product or service. But if you don't want door-to-door salespeople at your house, there's a simple solution. Post a "NO SOLICITING" sign at your front door. It can even be hand-written and taped to your door--it simply needs to be legible and conspicuously displayed.

Solicitors (door-to-door sales) in Kearney must observe the following restrictions:

  1. Solicitors must possess a VALID Occupational License issued by the City of Kearney, Missouri.
  2. Solicitors must conduct business DURING the approved hours (schedule listed below).
  3. The residence approached does NOT have a "No Soliciting" sign that is conspicuously displayed.

Solicitors who attempt to conduct business in Kearney without a valid occupational license, before or after scheduled hours, or enter upon real property that has a "No Soliciting" sign conspicuously displayed are in violation of this updated Soliciting Ordinance and citizens may contact Kearney Police to report these violations at 816-628-3925 (816-407-3700 after hours)

Approved hours for door-to-door sales are:
  • Monday-Friday: After 9am and before the earlier of dusk or 9pm.
  • Saturday-Sunday: After 10am and before the earlier of dusk or 9pm.
  • For purposes of this section, dusk means thirty (30) minutes after sunset.

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